Monday, 9 March 2009

Out of Home Advertising needs LCD TV enclosures.

The term Out Of Home advertising is commonly referred to as OOH, this is any type of advertising medium that reaches a consumer while they are out of their home. This is not broadcasting or print marketing which targets the consumer at home.

This is why OOH is popular, as it targets consumers while they are on the go, going to train station, airport, ferry terminal, cinema and even petrol stations.

One of the main advertising mediums in the USA is bill board advertising, if you have ever been to Times Square in New York, you will know what I mean! 1 40 story office building makes more money renting out the building exterior for adverts, than it would if the office were fully occupied.

With the cost of digital displays becoming more affordable and the advancement of digital signage, this is why LCD TVs are being used to send marketing messages to potential buyers in outdoor environments.

A digital signage network can be set up covering entire countries, for example the head office could be in New York, with branches in Europe and Asia, the marketing message in the form of content media, can then be sent to all digital displays throughout the global network remotely and even scheduled to upload the new media at a particular time and reboot the system for when the store opens at the local time.

This makes the marketing budget go much further than before and the relative low costs, enables small businesses to use digital signage to increase their sales.

All you need for an outdoor digital signage solution is an LCD or Plasma display, a computer, media content (digital media content creation software this can be found free on the Internet) and an outdoor LCD enclosure. This can be achieved for as little as $700, but the financial rewards are worth it.

So if you are putting a digital sign outdoor, you need to protect your investment, what would happen if a drunken man through a rock at the display? Or if rain or snow got inside the LCD display...the LCD tv enclosure protects from all the elements to NEMA 4X and IP standards, allowing you to set it and forget it!

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