Wednesday, 22 July 2009

How To Make Your Digital Signage Vandal Proof.

When you invest any amount of money into a project, no matter how small, you have to make sure that you are limiting your risks, this applies more so to outdoor digital signage.

When you have spent many man hours creating “audience stopping content” as well as investing in the signage hardware, you have to be certain that the sign is not at risk from vandals. How do you limit the risk?

Well firstly, if the location is un-manned, you have to consider some sort of surveillance system to monitor the sign, there are some basic systems that when an incident such as an attempted theft is detected, an alert is sent to the nearest security company, to go and investigate. However, normally by the time they have reached the site the culprits have vanished. Other more sophisticated systems employee a webcam and actually take the image of the offender.

Another solution is to buy a digital signage that has some sort of vandal protection, some of the interactive kiosks offer this as standard, as well as the added benefit of being waterproof to IP65, however the only drawback is the cost as these Interactive kiosks are at the top of the price range

The last solution is to use a standard LCD display, along with a small form factor PC, that will hold the content, then install them into a vandal proof LCD enclosure, these digital signage enclosures are specially manufactured from heavy gauge steel and protect the electronics it houses from the weather and vandals. Even the viewing window is manufactured from anti vandal glass.

Now you have the basic options to improve the security that is around your dynamic signs, LCD enclosures are the answer.