Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Rugged LCD TV enclosures - understanding the details.

When you are installing an LCD television in areas other than a home or office, you need to consider the following factors:
  1. What is in the air - any harmful chemicals?
  2. Is the area prone to vandalism?
  3. What size of television display will be used?
The last point is almost decided when the project is commissioned, however there are varying degrees of rugged protection, from putting a plastic screen on the front on the TV to protect the actual screen to a completely water tight enclosure.

The real rugged LCD enclosures are the enclosures that protect to the following standards; IP54, IP65 or NEMA 4X the American standard, I will try to explain the basic differences between them.

IP54 LCD enclosures.
These will protect the TV and any other hardware that will fit inside the enclosure, from dust and fluid splashes.

IP65 LCD enclosure.
These protect the internal hardware from water, as the enclosure is designed to withstand being washed down with a high powered water jet, ensuring that the unit is ideal for wet outdoor areas. These are also known as waterproof TV enclosures.

Now here is the difference from the main dedicated manufacturers of LCD enclosures, they have a vast experience in both cooling and heating the enclosure, to make sure the TV has the maximum lifespan possible. There are a few companies out there, who claim to manufacture these units however they will tell you that it's on a long lead time and that the LCD enclosure is "not part of their standard product range". If you come up against such a company, run away - FAST!

LCD Enclosures Global are a dedicated manufacturer of protective LCD enclosures for all types of applications from displaying product advertisements on large LCD displays on the factory floor (for showcasing a product to potential new customers.) To supplying vandal proof TV enclosures for un-manned areas, they have the solutions for you.

One dedicated manufacturer's blog is below...
Rugged LCD enclosures

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Stainless Steel LCD enclosures.

Stainless steel is a product used world wide, allowing products to made from a material that has high Chromium content, making it an excellent protector for corrosion.

Stainless steel has twice the tensile strength of mild steel, due to the other elements in the metal, now if you have an area that is constantly wet and you use mild steel, the product will have to be replaced due to the quick erosion of the mild steel. Now manufacture the same product from stainless steel and the results are a different story - the stainless steel unit will need to be replaced possibly due to a fork truck accident rather than corrosion.

Now should you have the application were an outdoor digital sign is being installed near salt water, in a wharf for example, the ideal solution would be a stainless steel LCD enclosure. These protect the digital signage hardware from the hostile areas including the sea salt that would corrode mild steel enclosures.

Normally, the application would be in an un-manned area, so physical security would be required, to protect from vandals, now the ideal solution that will protect from every thing nature can through at it, is an LCD enclosure, these units comply to NEMA4x and Ip65 standards for electronic enclosures.